Thursday, 6 April 2017

Lunar New Year 2017

It's a bit late but I did this illustration to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
2017 is year of the cockerel.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Art Test

It's not everyday you witness a ridiculous act of self harm to your country and see your freedoms and opportunities vanish and realise that you're trapped on an island full of idiots and nationalistic twits who are prepared to pay more for everything just to have a few less 'foreigners' around. 
Today is the day our stupid leaders triggered Article 50 - signalling our with drawl from the EU.
And there's more bad news. I also heard back from a job that I'd applied for. They said no.
I was really disappointed for a couple of reasons. Firstly this position was for an innovative company in Sweden that I really admired and would have given my eye teeth to work for and they approached me, which seemed like a positive. Secondly I'd have an out for leaving England, where I really don't want to be right now and this all seemed really encouraging.

After a half an hour chat with someone from recruitment that seemed to go really well I agreed to do an art test. Normally I roll my eyes and refuse these time consuming tests as everything on the art front with me is already on line and presumably they like my art style and my professional abilities as laid out in my CV. But, like I say - this is an amazing company that I'd love to work for.
So I spent a week working on their brief. I took time from work and gave this project everything and then submitted the PDF I'd agonised over laying out nicely... then nothing. For weeks.

Today I got a barely personalised email saying thanks but no thanks.
I understand that companies must get loads of applicants and art is perceptual but to get an email saying they've been extremely fortunate to have an overwhelming interest in the role, and have been able to select profiles with very strong visual styles that fit effortlessly into the visuals we're targeting for our future games. They tell me this after seeing my art style, approaching me and then making me spend time on an art test. 

Sorry to whinge - I just need to get this disappointment out of my system.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Monday, 25 July 2016

#JustWrite Day

 I do quite a lot of work for the Ministry of Stories which is a charity that encourages kids to write and nurtures their creativity. I often live illustrate for the Little Green Pig here in Brighton while the children yell story ideas at me to draw - it's great fun.
Recently the Ministry of Stories got together with pen makers BIC to produce the country's first hand written newspaper which was promoted as #JustWrite Day.
Look out for the paper in your local town and get writing!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Art Test

Here is some work I've done for my last ever art test.
After an interview with a company that seemed like a great match for me they asked for me to do an art test. Normally I'd say no, especially after my previous art test debacle with that company in Denmark. But they seemed nice and I loved what they were doing - still do but don't agree with the art test. This wouldn't happen in any other industry. My work is clearly on display so they are aware of what I do. A much fairer way is to pay for a week's work. Then the applicant doesn't waste their time for nothing and the employer gets to see how they applicant works and fits in with the company.
I didn't even get any feedback, reply, thanks for spending time doing this just a vague explanation from a recruitment agency that I wasn't a fit at this time.
So I urge you fellow artists - put your foot down and say NO to art tests. Together we can stop this.
That said I'm really pleased with how this My Little Pony licensing work turned out.

Thursday, 26 May 2016